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Retrogaming-inspired arcade game where you lazer-cut some nanobugs · By Sgt.H


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Release is near! -2 days
Sure enough, release is near! Razerwire:Nanowars went through two super intensive weeks of beta testing, and it's now getting ready to go public. Holy crap, I a...
Pre-launch updates
We're nearing release. There is still some stuff to do ofc, but we're getting closer and closer. Here's a bit of an update list of what done in the last couple...
Timed working shifts
RWNW is born as a 30 minutes-a-day project, then it turned, more or less after 20 hours, into a 60 minutes-every-two-days when the game became a little more com...
Getting RWNW to the public eye
39h50 of work on RWNW and it's almost time to start showing it around and see what people think about it. Here's a very first batch of screenshots including som...
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