Pre-launch updates

We're nearing release. There is still some stuff to do ofc, but we're getting closer and closer. Here's a bit of an update list of what done in the last couple of weeks (81 hours of production reached).

  • Wrote the algorithms for procedural difficulty increase on endless waves. Needs lots of tweaking but works well enough.
  • Added 3 retro-looking filter (check the vid). They can be deactivated from the settings.
  • Got a decent-looking settings menu in and removed the whole unity launch windows.
  • Made camshake optional for visually impaired people (been told it bothers a lot in some cases).
  • We got 4 out of 10 music loops ready, the next 6 are in production and should be ready soon.
  • Got the SFX engine up, needs tweaking in volumes but I am quite happy.
  • Almost finished the whole profile slots saves and load system with checkpoints every 20 waves.

I am now halfway to finish the upgrades system, then well, i guess we are almost ready to enter beta phase!

See you soon guys!

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