Empires in Ruins - Dawn of the new betas

Hello there!!!

New day new beta! We let you wait for it for a while, but here's the latest iteration of the battles-only beta.

I will tell you a secret now. There is a 4X beta going around, with story, dialog, management, campaign, rebellion, battles, etc. But for now it's a closed round from our Discord channel. If you're interested in it don't hesitate to join us!
Testers feedback is being incredibly useful, so the more the merrier!

But otherwise, if you're a fighter, download the beta, set it in Hardcore mode, and get your haunches kicked in multiple ways until you manage to triumph!

* Added map 2 and 3 to the beta
* Added social module on maps selector
* Added a fix attempt to the Collider problem
* Fixed missing UI elements



v0845_3.rar 527 MB
Mar 20, 2019

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Looking great commander!

Cant wait to see more of this up here.

Its great your opening onto your discord group!