Empires in Ruins - Tier 2, Advanced Towers

Whereas the base towers we did present the last time are the foundation of your defenses, they will hardly be enough to bring you victory once the situation heats up. When that time comes, it's time to upgrade to upper tiers. Better statistics, higher resistance to damage and fire (Enemy sappers, I am looking at you!), and a plethora of special abilities to unlock and to unleash on the invaders. Screenshot 686 Let us now explore Tier 2 towers, the 2nd (but not the highest) step up of your defenses. Tier 2 towers have up to 3 Special Abilities you can buy and unlock, and each of their main stats (Damage, Range, Firerate) can be upgraded up to level 3/5. Screenshot 729


Archery towers are the most versatile defenses available. They can shoot either ground or flying enemies, and according to the specialization you pick they can focus either focus on high firerates or high damage and range rates.

Composite Bow Tower

Composite Bow Old but gold. Taking the bow technology to a superior step of excellence, the Composite Tower is a death machine. Fast, with a long reach and average damage; a must have against flying and ground faster enemy troops that also opens the way to the Rangers Tower.
  • Vulnerable to fire
Available abilities (To be bought separately):
  • Flaming Arrows
  • Aim High
  • Caltrops

Crossbow Tower

Crossbow Slow and deadly, the Crossbow Tower is a steady representative of the ballistic Kothian research and a fundamental development step towards the more advanced Repeating Crossbow and Sniper towers. A must have for every defense worth its name.
  • Resistant to fire
Available abilities (To be bought separately):
  • Boiling Oil
  • Poison Arrows
  • Iron Discipline
Can upgrade to: Repeating Crossbow Tower, Snipers Tower


Ballista Tower

Ballista If you like crossbows but your suffer from the tiny size of quarrels, a Ballista tower is what you need. Are the enemies queuing up in a row while marching against your defenses? Then what about skewering them all up together to show them your defenses are not to be messed with?
  • Ignore cover bonuses on enemies
  • Slightly vulnerable to fire
  • Shoot through enemies
Can upgrade to: Repeating Ballista Tower

Cannon Tower

Cannon Kothian technology might have not reached the excellence level of the Krovanian one, but black powder research has been a great focus in the last decade. These towers can shoot far and hard, ignoring armors and cover, mercilessly destroying everything on the path of their cast iron bullets.
  • Ignore cover bonuses on enemies
  • Area of effect damage
Can upgrade to: Bombard Tower, Bombardier Tower



Outpost There are battlefields where a Scout tower wouldn't last an hour without being burn to ashes, that's when a tougher outpost is needed. Even though the tower has no relevant attack cababilities, the crew has Caltrops and Nets available.
  • Detects incoming enemies paths
  • Reveals hidden enemies in area
  • No direct attack capabilities
  • Resistant to fire
Available abilities (To be bought separately):
  • Iron Discipline
  • Caltrops
  • Nets



Temple In areas with a strong aethen influence, simple shrines are not sufficient any longer. These wooden temples contain at their core a steel symbol of Kaer, through which his will flows strong. The pious ones in sight of the Temple will relish of his Holy influence.
  • Boosts moral, armor to allies in range
  • Slows down target enemy units
  • Vulnerable to fire
Available powers (To be bought separately):
  • Shield of Faith: Protects all the allies (units and towers) in the area from all heathen hostiles spells and curses.
  • A Coin for a Soul: All the enemies killed in the area of the Temple provide an additional 50% of gold loot.
  • Eyes of Kaer: All the hidden enemies in the area of the Temple are revealed.
Can upgrade to: Battle Temple

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