First Demo out!

As our early access release approaches fast, the time has come to release our first Demo beta. For the very first time we make accessible to public the Campaign and Arcade mode, both with 5 maps (including the Workbench map where all the units and towers can be tested).

The first chapter of the campaign will allow you to conquer up to 5 territories, or play through 25 turns, including all the dialogs and characters of the full game. The arcade mode lets you play at different difficulties level the 5 maps, recording your statistics as well.

The demo saves are compatible with the full game build, for now only accessible through our Discord channel

It's still in beta of course, you wouln't believe the amount of incredibly well hidden bugs we find thanks to our testers (led by the incredible talent of Laurie, the best bug hunter we ever met). The game features an integrated feedback system you can use to provide us bug reports and/or feedback about your experience, and we are checking that daily.

Now, without further ado, grab your crossbows, the enemy's invading! (Ah by the way, small quiz. Do you recognize the voice in the Campaign intro? ;) )

H, Lead Dev

Files 580 MB
Nov 13, 2019

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