Bits and pieces

Versions History :

* Enlarged ability icons on towers UIs
* Removed Damage and Firerate upgrades from Scouts towers UI
* Added info buttons on quick building menu
* Increased difficulty of Easy and Intermediate modes
* Added pan map on mouse pointer near screen edges
* Lowered the cost of Soldiers and slightly increased damage
* Restored tooltips for all the info panels (Towers, Resources buildings & Units)
* Scouting paths markers now visible on top of bridges as well
* Fixed minor details on UI panels 

* Optimized size of maps on disk by 75%(!!)
* Fixed pathfinding issue in certain complex maps
* Fixed collider issue on certain paths
* Fixed paths waypoints orders in map 06
* Pause issue with exit menu fixed


* Multi maps beta (0,1,4,6)
* Fixed issues with Builders stuck
* Repaired Tank bumper
* Dynamic map-loading system


v0845_121.rar 507 MB
Feb 06, 2019

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