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Even before we mention what Empires in Ruins is and why it is so, a few words about the current state of the game build.

The build available is a battle map-only beta (it has one map, one terrain, and none of the 4X or management part). It is still rough, but it has everything the final map engine will have in, minus a lot of polishing.

Having EVERYTHING in since the first start of the game might seem overwhelming, but at this stage we really need to test it all. Later on, in the game, you will unlock progressively towers, abilities, new enemies, etc.

What we would now really need from you guys is feedback. All sort of it, about everything, and if you like what we did here, join our community so to come along with us in the last months of work to get Empires in Ruins finally done.


The bastard child of 4X and Tower defense, with a black humor infused plot, set in a grim, disillusioned world.

Empire In Ruins presents a new take at strategy by merging the Tower Defense genre's detailed, recognizable gameplay with elements of Turn-Based Empire Management, in a hybrid never before seen.

Conquer, build, defend and lead the grumpy Sgt. Hans Heimer in his own personal vendetta against "the system".


  • Plot driven campaign - betrayals, diplomacy and nasty twists
  • Turn based strategy - quell the rebellion, kick back the enemy and restore the law.
  • Empire management - conquer back the provinces, strengthen your command, chose your best governors and grant your military campaign a steady flow of resources
  • Arcade play mode. Because... FIGHT!
  • Tower defense-based combat - fight your battles in a new, advanced tower defense style that winks at advanced real time strategy
  • Dark humor, dark humor everywhere! - Don't smile, it's punishable.
  • Folk metal original soundtrack - https://soundcloud.com/reddewhellpipes

In a corrupted little Principality governed by spruced up popinjays, snobby clergymen and power greedy army officers, something just happened. A god forgotten borderland, the Western Marches, just got inflamed with rebellion, cutting every contact with the capital and declaring independence.

And in such a critical moment, who to send in order to quell the rebellion if not a grumpy alcoholic sergeant with discipline problems and bad bad temper?

Why him? And what is the neighboring kingom, the Krovans, plotting to do with the Principality of Koth?

Empires in Ruins is composed of two main parts. The turn based Main Map, where the campaign develops and you are called to managed the conquered provinces and the Battlefield, where the real time blood flows and you need to kick the enemy in the arse or be the one kicked.

Empires in Ruins whole plot-driven campaign of turn based strategy and empire building, is managed in the main map. Through it you will access
the single combat maps (according to the plot flow or in order to defend/replay maps), manage diplomacy and access the single province to improve or check their assets and governors.

  • Expand, fortify and expand further taking advantage of the conquered provinces reach and infrastructures.
  • Improve the regions' production, increase the flow of resources to fund your brutal military campaign. Don't expect much help from above.
  • Handle diplomacy - Like a bull in a china shop.
  • Assign trusted men to govern the regions. Expect betrayals or hang them before that.
  • Manage research - More than 100 technologies to research.

Battles are fought in real time, using a hybrid of Tower Defense and RTS mechanics.

Erect your buildings in real time. Avoid getting your workers killed if they walk the wrong path
17 towers with unique feats
Manage resources in battle
Combine the special abilities of your towers to obtain even deadlier effects (Ever tried a flaming arrow on an oil covered enemy?)
Manage multiple resources, production and special buildings
Deploy Officers to command and enhance your battlefield forces
Beware of nasty, canny enemies. They will open new unexpected paths, sabotage your towers, blow your production and get through your defenses in surprising ways.
Ground, air, water, amphibian and secret enemies paths to defend against.

The path to victory is paved with opponents with badly planned research trees. [cit. Gottfried Megler]

Few things make progression in a game as interesting as unlocking new technologies to empower your troops, weapons and economies. Provided your hated engineer chief, Gottfried Megler, with the tools to evolve your ragtag army against all odds.

70+ technologies to research
30+ unlockables with towers, abilities, buildings and headquarters


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Hello everyone and welcome to my new adventure we are trying Map 2 on hardcore difficulty. At first we encounter littler resistance until the big cavalry start arriving watch our towers get demolished.

I did think we did pretty well and it is our first attempt.

Thank you all for watching.



Hello everyone! Check out again Map 6 goes down in harcode mode. Hope you all enjoy the video please watch till the end share with a like minded friend comment support indie games by checking them out for yourselves and supporting the development by reporting bugs or helping with any ideas that might make the game better. Get involve on discord! 

Thank you all for watching!


Great game and great devs ! Spread the word out about the game and thank you all for watching the video and supporting great indie games!

In this part we come really close to finishing Map 6 on Hardcore difficulty. 

Thank you all again!


Hello everyone!
Thank you for supporting awesome indie games I hope you give my video a quick look over and let me know what you think.
Awesome game having tons of fun with and I cant wait to see more content from the creators! 

Hello everyone! Let's try Map 1 on Hardcore difficulty - I almost beat it second time around round 11/11  last guy survive and destroyed my keep :( 

Thank you all for supporting indie games and watching my videos! 


Ahaha but you made it! Well done! ;)


Haha I am so happy with myself there you go we finally made it! 

Thank you for watching ! I beat one map on hard difficulty 4 more to go lol

thank you for supporting indie games!



Hey everyone! 

We are back and with new content and a few new maps this is awesome cant wait to play the other ones but join me for now in my crusade to finish Map 0 on hardcore mode! 

Thank you for watching and supporting awesome indie games!



Hello everyone! First look at Hardcode mode - dam this is difficult. Though a lot of fun. I am looking forward to some suggestions and comments on the video on YouTube or here to let me know how you completed it if you did. I will try again but will try future episodes to be shorter so I dont showcase the same things over and over. Also stay tune for more content on the game on the channel soonish.


Although this is not a let's play video it is a video dedicated to this game. I am discussing the units and enemies you encounter in the game! So heads up a spoilers ahead however I hope you like it. Will be a two part series as i didn't want to make this videos to full of information. I hope you enjoy it! 

Thank you for watching.

SIP (Small indie Promoter)


Hello everyone!

I am a small indie promoter or SIP i used to have another channel called MbG but dedicated now to support indie games. As my first showcase is Empires in Ruins and i am having a lot o f fun! 

Awesome, thanks for playing it man!



its really nice graphic

Thank you very much @CoconutMousse, and really really glad you liked the beta this far!!


I do :D


This game is a lot of fun!

AWESOME! Ahaha really glad you like it mate!



Woop wooop, looking forward to the feedback Laurie!!